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JPEG Viewer Instructions and Worksheets

Download the JPEG Viewer

Using whatever method is appropriate for your browser software, download the appropriate file and save to a convenient location on your hard disc. (For example, in Internet Explorer on a Windows computer you would right-click the file and choose Save Target As . . . )

jpeg_viewer.xls for Windows

You may find it useful to download this unit converter:

Unit converter

Word documents to download

Right-click the link, choose Save target as . . , and save to a convenient location on your hard disc:


Instructions for JPEG Viewer

Practice worksheets

Brief worksheet to show how to use the JPEG Viewer (two sides of A4)

Longer practice worksheet on using the JPEG Viewer

Extended worksheet on using the JPEG Viewer (including scale in the Universe, life cycles of stars, measuring galaxies)

Sample images for use with the Worksheets

Click this link to access the sample images

Richard Beare
Institute of Education
University of Warwick
23rd January, 2006