I m a g i n e I T   T o o l b a r

How to uninstall the ImagineIT Toolbar

This involves two steps:

  1. With the ImagineIT Toolbar visible in Excel, click the eye button (labelled Hide or delete toolbar) and then click the bottom option (labelled Permanently delete toolbar).

  2. Go to the Windows Start menu and then select All programs, then ImagineIT Software, then ImagineIT, and finally Uninstall ImagineIT.


NOTE Should you forget step 1, you can do the following instead of step 1:

  • In Excel, go to the Tools menu, then Add-Ins, and then deselect ImagineIT.

  • Still in Excel, right-click on any toolbar, then click on Customize . . (at the bottom), then select the Toolbars tab, then select ImagineIT, and finally click Delete, followed by Close.